The Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State unites faith, labor and community in a powerful movement for economic justice. We take on campaigns that address: living wages, fair share taxation and subsidy, and strong democratic process.

Core Beliefs

The Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State:

    • Affirms the God-given dignity of all people;
    • Welcomes the participation of all people and organizations in promoting economic and social justice;
    • Believes faith and conscience must be linked with action;
    • Celebrates religious, labor and community heroes and martyrs who challenge abuses of power and sacrifice for the common good;
    • Recognizes that economic activities that diminish human value or the environment are immoral.



We seek to achieve economic justice throughout New York State by:

  • Mobilizing faith, labor, and community to take action toward economic justice;
  • Advocating for change in practices and policies that contribute to a life of poverty for millions of adults and children;
  • Building coalition and coordination amongst faith, labor and community groups and institutions for a united movement for economic justice.
  • Linking statewide programs and campaigns with relevant local and national initiatives.