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Each piece of legislation should pass this test: How does it benefit the good of the whole? – Rev. William Barber II

On a Monday in late April, 2013, a group of faith and community leaders, led by the North Carolina NAACP and Rev. William Barber, gathered at the North Carolina Capitol building, to protest legislation that would slash unemployment compensation, increase taxes on the poor and middle class while cutting them for the wealthy and corporations, restrict healthcare, cut education funds, and suppress voting rights. Seventeen of the protesters were arrested for non-violent civil disobedience.

In the subsequent weeks, the group of protesters grew larger. Around 1,000 people were arrested for their non-violent witness. A broad coalition, crossing lines of race, class, and gender, saw that their struggles were interconnected. Their motto, shouted in the state hall: “Forward together, not one step back!”

Since then, the movement has grown in North Carolina and spread to other states. In 2014, faith, community, and labor leaders in New York met every week through the month of March, demanding that leaders pass a budget that serves all New Yorkers.

In 2015, Rev. Barber joined us for a rally at the Million Dollar Staircase in support of equitable education funding. Vigils have continued, highlighting different justice issues in New York State and how they – and we – are connected. 

Our struggles are inseparable. Addressing the crisis of poverty in New York State requires people of conscience from across the state to act on their moral imperatives, and demand of their elected officials a New York that works for all. Join the call:

Forward Together, Not One Step Back

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Monday January 5th – On the first Monday of 2015, we started the year off with a Moral Monday press conference and vigil at the State Capitol. More than 40 religious, community and labor leaders joined us to call on our elected leaders to put the people of New York State first.

Monday January 12th – Fair Education Funding We were joined by Rev. Barber from the Forward Together Movement in North Carolina to call for full and fair funding of our state’s public schools.

2015-02-23 12.10.12Monday January 26th – State of the State People’s Response  Responding to the governor’s State of the State address with a call for living wages, fair taxation, education funding, the DREAM act, affordable housing, and criminal justice reform.

Tuesday February 3rd – The Scandal is Poverty – New York State policies that address poverty and inequality, rather than enrich the wealthiest.

Monday February 9th – We Are One New York – Just treatment of immigrants, including passage of the NYS Dream Act.

2015-02-23 12.17.09Monday February 23rd – By the People, For the People – Close corporate tax loopholes and make the state income tax truly progressive, so that the wealthiest pay their fair share.

Monday March 2nd – All Kids Need Add $2.2 billion in state education aid, directed to struggling and underfunded public schools. (At the Million Dollar Staircase, NYS Capitol Building)

Sunday March 8th – Forward Together: An Interfaith Call to Justice Join Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant faith leaders as we gather to reflect and share on the interconnections of our struggles for justice. We will meet at St. Vincent De Paul church (984 Madison Ave, Albany NY). Download the flyer here.

Monday March 9th – The New Jim Crow Has Got To GoPass the Humane Alternatives to Long-Term (HALT) Solitary Confinement Act, which would enact rehabilitative alternatives and prohibit persons being held in solitary confinement for longer than 15 days, which the United Nations has defined as torture. Additionally, raise the age to 18 (from 16) in which youth are tried in the adult court system and sentenced to adult jails.

Monday March 16th – Stop the Billionaires’ Budget  The Governor’s proposed budget serves the billionaires who have lined his campaign war chest while leaving the rest of us to fight for scraps. Faith, community and labor groups gather to call for a budget that prioritizes the people of New York, not the profit margins of hedge fund managers and multinational corporations.

2015-03-23 12.50.57 Monday March 23rd – Raise the Wage   Raise the statewide minimum wage to $15 per hour, indexed to inflation, to help move the minimum wage closer toa living wage. 

Monday, March 30th – Table-Turning Moral Monday – It’s time to turn the tables at the NYS Capitol. There is too much that is bought and sold, traded and dealt within the walls of the Capitol. This Monday we will call on our electeds to cast aside the wealthy and well-connected and govern for the common good. People of faith, community and labor allies are calling for:
-$2.2 billion for full and fair public education funding
-Closure of billions in corporate tax loopholes
-Living wages for all New Yorkers – at least $15/hour with indexing.

Monday, May 18th – Moral Monday for Paid Family Leave – Workers, advocates, and faith leaders gathered to call for an expansion of Temporary Disability Insurance which would allow workers to take up to 12 weeks of paid leave to care for newborns or other family members with medical emergencies.

Monday, June 8th – Challenging On- and Off- the Books Corruption – As the legislative session approached its close, the extent of corruption in Albany, both legal and illegal, grew more evident than ever. Faith and community leaders gathered to demand common-sense, morally grounded policies that would benefit all New Yorkers.

Monday, June 15th – Broken Promises, Broken System – Faith, labor, community leaders, workers and advocates gathered outside the NYS Senate chambers to challenge the dysfunctional and corrupt system which has failed to advance policies for the common good. Issues brought to attention included raising the minimum wage, ending solitary confinement, raising the age of criminal accountability, additional funding for hunger and poverty prevention, and a more fair and progressive taxation. Sixteen people, including six clergy, were arrested in an act of civil disobedience.